Barbara Wade Rose

Barbara Wade Rose is a prolific writer, painter and journalist. She had a simple website but wanted something a little more stylish and easy to update herself.


Barbara’s husband had built her original website for her and although it was functional it simply wasn’t fabulous enough – it didn’t have a blog and Barbara had no idea how to update it herself. She was attracted to the simple content management system of WordPress and its flexibility and extended functionality. And lo – the new website was born.


Barbara liked the papery texture of the Bold theme from Elegant Themes which fits nicely with the subject matter.

I created a logo similar to the one in the theme demo at Elegant Themes with the extra added bonus of her face – she liked similar logos I created for David Schneider and my own personal website. We cut out some of the white space above the header so that more of the page would show up “before the fold”.

Originally I created some content that I took from Barbara’s original site to get something up quickly – Barbara had a press release going out regarding her latest novel and needed the website to be functioning fast. Then, at her leisure, she slowly began learning how to create and manipulate the content herself.

After much back and forth regarding the home page layout Barbara opted for a static page with top line information about her latest book – this is, after all, the most important piece of work right now.

She linked the image of the book directly to so that her visitors could buy it easily.

Barbara has added a lot of her journalism material plus a whole pile of blog posts from an extended trip to London, back-dating entries from previous years giving the site some good depth and breadth. Visitors can get a real feel for her writer’s “voice” through professional pieces and more personal writing.

Marilla Wex is the founder and owner of Wex Sites.