Buying your domain from GoDaddy

Welcome to another members-only audio visual training post.

The step-by-step training video below will teach you how to:

  • buy your domain name from GoDaddy.

This is a most important first step in the process of setting up your website. Make sure you read all of the instructions and suggestions in your eBook before actually buying your domain name. Also be extremely careful when you type in your domain name and triple check before you buy – don’t do what one client of mine did and buy a misspelled domain name!

Before you play the video open up another tab in your browser and have the GoDaddy website ready so you can complete each step along with the video.

Please note that the video makes reference to Hostgator as the hosting service – since the video was made Wex Sites provides our own hosting through Hostgator.

NB – if you choose a .ca suffix you will have to fill in an extra screen of information – this is because .ca domain names can only be bought by Canadian citizens/companies etc. The same may also be true of other country-specific suffixes.

As always remember to click on this button  at the bottom right of the player to make your player full screen. Press the Esc button on your computer keyboard to return to the post.

Dislaimer: as with all software applications, websites and companies, processes and procedures change, appear and disappear. The instructions shown above may not look exactly the same for you. If they differ so much that they are no longer useful please contact us and we will check it out and if necessary re-record the video. Thanks!

Marilla Wex is the founder and owner of Wex Sites.