Creative Expeditions

Inge Christensen is an expert trainer in innovation, collaboration and communication within the corporate environment.

When she came to me she already had a website for her company, Creative Expeditions, but wanted to add a blog where she could provide both a great resource for her existing clients and attract new clients by showcasing her ideas and ways of working. Making changes to her core website was not easy so an add-on blog seemed like the best solution.

Adding a WordPress blog appealed to Inge because:

  1. she had read how websites which have regularly added fresh content are favoured by search engines who keep revisiting to catalogue the new additions and
  2. she needed a section of her website that had an easy-to navigate content management system so she could quickly add and change content for her current and future clients to access.

The challenge for me as a website builder was to match the blog section “Focus and Flow” to an already existing website.

Inge’s original website

First I installed the WordPress blog in a folder called “blog” on Inge’s existing website host server and Inge placed a link from her core website to the add-on.

Inge chose a simple theme – in this case, Who’s Who from Elegant Themes. I then set about changing the colours, fonts and other elements to match her existing website as closely as possible.

This is how the template looked before I monkeyed around with it.

There was a lot of code-fiddling and many questions posted on the Elegant Themes support forum to get this theme to work in exactly the way we wanted it to. Eventually we came up with something that integrated nicely with the other part of Inge’s website. Since Inge is trained in graphic design she was very specific about what she wanted the blog to look like and where she wanted the elements to be positioned. It’s great when someone knows exactly what they want – it makes the end result so much more satisfying when you get it right.

Inge’s blog: Focus and Flow

Inge’s blog “Focus and Flow” is a wealth of great tips and resources, not just for use in the corporate environment but also for anyone with a drop of creative juice in their bodies. If you’re stuck for ideas, need some inspiration or triggers for that next direction in your work, check out Focus and Flow.

Marilla Wex is the founder and owner of Wex Sites.