Darlene Chrissley

Darlene Chrissley.com before Wex Sites

Darlene Chrissley is a writer, speaker, producer, performer and master certified coach.

I met Darlene when we both took part in one of Tracey Erin Smith‘s excellent one-person show courses and a couple of months later she saw my presentation on my website service during a workshop on promoting yourself as a performing artist. Darlene wanted to streamline her online presence ahead of her book launch.

Coach in Residence.com before Wex Sites

Conversations for Power and Possibility.com before Wex Sites

Lifescapers.com before Wex Sites

When Darlene called me about a website she had four separate web presences –

  1. Coach in Residence (which focused on coaching within organizations),
  2. Conversations for Power and Possibility (the material which eventually formed the basis of her book),
  3. Lifescapers (Darlene‘s blog about the artist’s lifestyle) and
  4. Darlene Chrissley.com (a “catch-all” site which linked to all of her other sites).

What she needed was one integrated website – and fast.

We went back and forth for a while about the best way to “rebrand” Darlene online. My vote was for darlenechrissley.com. After some discussion, Darlene agreed.

One of the most useful features of WordPress is the Import function – you can basically import blogs from elsewhere directly into your new WordPress site – and this is exactly what we used to bring Lifescapers and Conversations for Power and Possibility into darlenechrissley.com

It certainly saved a lot of time and helped us to create a website with plenty of relevant content quickly. There was a little bit of work for Darlene to organize her blog posts into sections that made sense with the overall structure of the website, but it really did provide a rich back-catalogue of posts.

Moving Darlene’s email over to the Wex Sites server was challenging. Some clients already have hosting with another provider. I prefer to host my clients myself if possible but there is always a slight hiatus when pointing a domain name away from a previous hosting service and recreating the email address. To prevent any disruption I did the redirect overnight which minimized any loss of emails to Darlene during the changeover.

We were pretty set on the Magnificent template from Elegant Themes, but Darlene wanted a few very specific colour choices.

I cherry-picked the colours from her Conversations for Power and Possibility to customize the Magnificent template. We agreed that the light blue would be too strong as an overall colour so we used the cream colour of the speech bubble as a background, the orange for borders and the tagline and the purple and green for Darlene’s logo. The light blue is picked up in the social media icons.

The Magnificent theme pimped out

The Magnificent theme pimped out

Darlene created a great teaser video for her book launch and we wanted that to be the first eye-catching element on the home page. It took some slightly tricky coding on my part to remove the slider from the original template and replace it with the video. Through trial and error I got it to work!

Darlene at her book launch

Getting the website ready in time for the book launch was a challenge. We were under a pretty tight deadline so we drew up a plan, communicated often and honestly and were able to work together with the help of Darlene’s virtual assistant Yvonne to get this website not only looking great but functioning exactly how Darlene had envisioned.

I am absolutely thrilled with and totally proud of this project. I use Darlene’s website as a showcase project often.

Darlene says: “Marilla Wex gathered up the many scattered pieces of my online identity and integrated them in one beautiful, functional WordPress website.  And she did it in under a week.  She knows everything and she gets me.  I still can’t quite believe it.  I would and do recommend her work to everyone I know.”

I strongly recommend you check out Darlene’s site and her book – it has been of immense help to me in my work and personal life.

Marilla Wex is the founder and owner of Wex Sites.