David Schneider – 2nd website

David Schneider already had his personal site built by me – now he wanted a business site for him and his partner Sandy.

Dave Schneider.co.uk – a blog-driven website

Dave’s original site, DaveSchneider.co.uk, celebrates David’s work as an actor, writer and comedian and is very blog-driven. With a huge Twitter following (of nearly 25,000 at the time of writing) it’s important to have his tweets prominently displayed. The emphasis is on constantly changing content with a lot of video on the blog and topical tweets in the sidebar.

2ActWrite – a traditional, static site

Wulfnoth – a family history structured around a blog

By way of contrast his second website is more of a traditional, static site showcasing the personal coaching services offered by his company, 2 Act Write, to writers and performers.

He chose the same same theme as Bob Woolner’s family history site – ColdStone from Elegant Themes – but since he is not using the theme as a blog it looks and behaves quite differently.

2ActWrite.com is simply comprised of a handful of static pages with a couple of external links to Dave’s personal website and Sandy’s resume. Its clean, uncluttered design presents core information clearly and consisely without any extraneous bells and whistles to distract from the business message.

Marilla Wex is the founder and owner of Wex Sites.