Farfl the Wonderdog is a 3.5lb Chihuahua. Her breed-specific website has a wealth of information for Chihuahua owners.

Even before I brought Farfl home I built a website for her. When I was doing my research I couldn’t really find much online that wasn’t just a spammy site filled with the same badly-written articles as the next spammy site. Frustrated, I determined to create a website not just about my dog, but as a resource for other Chihuahua owners in the hope that they would find information on my website that wasn’t readily available elsewhere.

I chose the eBusiness theme in Radiate Blue from Elegant Themes. Its clean style was perfect – nothing to distract from the information being presented.

I’ve included videos, pictures and stories about Farfl and other Chihuahuas, included anecdotal stuff as well as examples of products and services that I have found useful. It’s sometimes hard to find gear for a three and a half pound pooch!

I’ve had a lot of great feedback from other Chihuahua owners and people who are looking into the breed. It’s very satisfying to fill a niche and to feel like you’re providing a useful resource for others.

Marilla Wex is the founder and owner of Wex Sites.