FL Parfums

Fabio Luisi’s website was doing nothing for him or his line of hand-crafted perfumes.

FL Parfums before Wex Sites

FL Parfums before Wex Sites

It was clunky and, quite frankly, a little ugly. The exact opposite of the whole ethos behind Fabio’s perfumes.

Fabio LuisiFabio got in touch with me because he saw the Grasse Roots website and of all the perfume websites he looked at he liked it the most. I recognized Fabio’s name because my husband is a big opera buff, but I had no idea that alongside his passion for music Fabio has a passion for perfume.

We took our time looking for a WordPress template that would suit the site perfectly. Fabio liked the Maya theme that I used for Grasse Roots but it wasn’t exactly what he was looking for. I pointed him to the other themes by YITH and eventually he plumped for the Cheope theme.

Fabio’s wife Barbara is a photographer so she was able to provide me with some great product shots to use across Fabio’s site and especially in his online store.

Sel de Bain by FL Parfums

Once again I utilized the mighty power of the WooCommerce plugin to power Fabio’s store and within a couple of days of “going live” he was receiving orders!

I added a blog to update fans with articles about FL Parfums, special offers and new products. I created a Twitter account and set up a newsletter for Fabio on MailChimp.

I’m very pleased with the way the new FL Parfums site turned out and wish Fabio all the best with the profits of his enterprise going to the Luisi Academy Of Music and the Visual Arts.


FL Parfums after Wex Sites

Marilla Wex is the founder and owner of Wex Sites.