How comedians can use social media to build a following

I just read a really interesting article on Huffington Post about how comedians are using Twitter to build a following.

When clients ask me “Should I be on Twitter?” I tell them “It depends if you’re going to use it. Then it depends how you’re going to use it” You can’t build a Twitter following without being funny, clever or helpful. No one cares if you need a cup of coffee. It’s not Facebook. These people are not necessarily your friends. All you have are words and a limited number of them so you’d better get creative if you want someone to follow you.

For comics Twitter is a wonderful opportunity to show how smart and funny you can be in just 140 characters. It can be tricky. But if your craft revolves around entertaining people with your words then isn’t Twitter a great tool and a teacher? If you can hone some one-liners into 140 characters you can build a following.

You should be aiming for something that will get retweeted by your current followers. That is one of the best way to pick up new fans. Remember to leave enough room that someone can stick RT @yourtwittername in front of your tweet.

I guess it’s not gonna work for prop comics….unless you attach a photo….

You can read Eric Schmeltzer’s article in full here.

Marilla Wex is the founder and owner of Wex Sites.