Karen McKnight

Karen McKnight had had an executive coaching practice for 10 years – it was high time to create a website.

She was clear about one thing – she didn’t want any pictures of business people in suits running through fields. The tricky part was clarifying what she did want.

Karen needed a simple, elegant site that would reflect her as a coach and as an individual – one that would give potential clients an idea of who she was and what she could do. There was a lot of text. We needed to break it up with some images. That weren’t cheesy.

Karen McKnight's banner

Stylized banner images create visual appeal on Karen McKnight’s website without the cheese factor

I pointed Karen in the direction of Fotolia – a fantastic cost-effective source of royalty-free stock photos. Karen found some images that she liked that she thought would pop against the black background she wanted for the site. I created a different banner for each page and some rotating images for the homepage slider.

Karen McKnight's slider images

Delicious slider images

Karen has some great client feedback and we played with various ways of making the quotations visually interesting on the page. Eventually I created a thin blue line that matched her logo to break up the information.

Karen McKnight's client feedback

I really enjoyed playing with colour and layout with this site – it’s not like any other site I’ve built to date and I’m proud of the way it turned out.

For me, Karen McKnight was an ideal client. She provided me with examples of existing sites that she liked, explained why she liked them and helped me to guide us towards what would work for her. Here’s what she had to say:

Working with Marilla made creating my website a rewarding experience and I am thrilled with the outcome! The site reflects the vision I had and that would not have been possible without Marilla’s expertise and helpful, easygoing style.  Marilla asked great questions to encourage me to really think through the ‘look and feel’ and then she was always there to run things by and was able to point me in the direction of anything I needed.  Once I was clear on the various steps Marilla was able to point me in the direction of the resources I needed to move things forward. She always got back to me in a timely manner and no question was ever too small.  It really was a pleasure working with Marilla on this project! If I had known about Marilla earlier it wouldn’t have taken me so long to create a site for my practice!

I am thrilled to add Karen McKnight’s website to my portfolio.

Marilla Wex is the founder and owner of Wex Sites.