Lauren Ferraro

Lauren Ferraro is a voice and speech practitioner who needed a stylish, yet simple web presence to launch her business.

When Lauren completed the questionnaire I ask all my clients to fill in to give me details of what they’re after, she told me she was looking for a window to her profession for the public who might not know what a voice coach was. She needed a site appealing to all artistic, personal and business clients looking for professional development. The website needed to quickly and succinctly describe her business and what she was offering.

Lauren chose the InStyle theme from Elegant Themes as her template because it relies on large background images and provided the canvas she was looking for to describe her business instantly through pictures.

She chose a background image that really sums up what she does for her clients – create a sense of freedom by helping them to release their voices!
She then chose three pages that would encapsulate who she is and what she does, and used those as the three key elements on the home page.

Lauren uses the blog in her website to provide tips and advice to actors, business people and regular folk who would like to improve or take care of their voices.

By keeping things simple Lauren has created a clean, classy website that showcases her work beautifully.

Marilla Wex is the founder and owner of Wex Sites.