Leonid Rozenberg

Leonid Rozenberg is a busy man.

With two small children to take care of as well as his business it took him a while to get around to thinking about redoing his website. Having originally been determined as a Platinum client to put the content of his site together himself it was a couple of years before he finally admitted defeat and took advantage of my hourly service to put everything together for him.

I was delighted. Len’s old site was pretty static and didn’t showcase his extraordinary work well.

Leonid Rozenberg before Wex Sites

Len’s site before Wex Sites

I invited Leonid to a shared folder on my Dropbox account and he began to upload his images.

Leonid was clear that he wanted a minimalist look. He sent me copies of his letterhead and told me exactly which font to use. I chose the Canvas theme from Woo Themes which is a great choice if you want to basically build a template from scratch (the Wex Sites website also uses this theme). I cherry-picked the background colour from Len’s business card and recreated his letterhead for the logo using Photoshop.

Leonid Rozenberg's logo

Len’s logo is a reproduction of his letterhead

Len wanted the home page to be extremely simple – just a centered list of links to the pages on the site. The support team at Woo Themes were invaluable in helping me to customize this theme to remove the navigation menu from the home page, just as Len required.

I used the NexGen Gallery plugin to create the galleries for each of Leonid Rozenberg’s collections.

Leonid Rozenberg's fairygrams

The fairygrams gallery

Building Len’s website was a delightful challenge – I really wanted it to be perfect for him and we are both very pleased with the results.

It was a while in the making, but Leonid Rozenberg’s website was well-worth the wait.

Marilla Wex is the founder and owner of Wex Sites.