Darlene Chrissley needed help with her Lifescapers site – stat!

Lifescapers by Wex Sites faviconShe had tried working with another webmaster but found the entire experience frustrating. When Darlene contacted me, her first question was whether I was familiar with the Divi theme. Of course I said yes – it’s my favourite!

I had worked with Darlene four years ago  when she was amalgamating four separate websites into one. Now she was rebranding and changing her main domain name back to Lifescapers.

She had been working with a designer to create new branding and wanted the site to match her new colour palette. As usual I cherry-picked the colours that she gave me and built them into the new website using the Elegant Themes Divi template.

Lifescapers after Wex Sites

Using the Elegant Themes building block system the site looks amazing on both full-size computer screens and cellphones.

The Lifescapers home page on a Samsung Galaxy Note 4

The Lifescapers home page on a Samsung Galaxy Note 4

We imported all of Darlene’s blog posts from her old website so that none of her important content was lost.

At the time of writing Darlene is happy with only having a couple of pages on the site – over time she will be building out the rest of the site.

Wex Sites was happy to help out a previous client who found herself in a pickle. Do you need help? Has a WordPress webmaster let you down? Contact us.

Marilla Wex is the founder and owner of Wex Sites.