Marilla update # 2

I’ve been and gone and done it again. I changed up Marilla

Last night I was in a bad mood (I was filming a commercial all day Monday and so yesterday I had post-performance blues) and instead of eating my own body-weight in Cheetos I decided to do something practical – revamp my personal website.

I’d been feeling for a while as if my website looked a bit cluttered and, well, purple. Now don’t get me wrong – I love purple (half my wardrobe is purple), but I was kind of tired of it overwhelming my blog.


I wanted something cleaner, quieter and well, just different! It was time for a change and luckily for me with Elegant Themes I can download and install as many different themes as I want on as many of my websites as I choose for only $39 a year. Bargain!

Sleek and clean – me likey.

I chose the PersonalPress theme (a fairly new one from Elegant Themes) – Nick has gone back to basics to create a theme for an upfront blog instead of a the more static designs he’s favoured recently. PersonalPress is designed to be used with WordPress 3.0 (which is still being Beta tested) so I manually installed 3.0 in order to use all of the features. I like how the pages have taglines created in the new WordPress menu options.

Disembodied head – nice.

I designed a new logo using an old headshot and a tagline that I use on my business cards. It’s a take off of a department store chain in England who claim to be “never knowingly undersold”.

I had to re-colour my tagcloud widget and the next job is re-colouring my table that I use for my resume. But I managed to get a lot done last night and am rather pleased with the results. What do you think?

Marilla Wex is the founder and owner of Wex Sites.