Michelle Shaughnessy

Michelle Shaughnessy needed a website. But as a young comedian she didn’t have a lot of money.

Michelle Shaughnessy Wex Sites website

Michelle knows a deal when she sees one.

Enter Wex Sites! Our new Basic one-pager was the right product at the right price-point for Michelle.

She’d been stuck in the “trying to get a job but having auditions that didn’t turn into gigs in the day and shows with no money at night” cycle and really needed a break.

It’s hard when money’s tight to feel like you can afford a classy online presence, but it is possible with the Basic package.

Michelle’s website includes:

  • her bio
  • her headshots
  • her voice demo
  • her agent’s contact details
  • her latest professional stand-up gig
  • her social media links
  • a contact form so bookers can contact her directly



I picked the colours for the site from Michelle’s two headshots so that there would be some continuity on the page.

Michelle Shaughnessy Wex Sites Basic one-page

The pinks come from Michelle’s stand-up headshot

Michelle Shaughnessy Wex Sites

The blues come from Michelle’s acting headshot

So now this “starving artist with no website” has a better chance of getting herself in front of people who can hire her. Wex Sites was only too happy to help.

Michelle Shaughnessy Wex Sites basic website


Check out Michelle Shaughnessy’s website here.

Marilla Wex is the founder and owner of Wex Sites.