Here's a collection of my latest work - click on the images to read an overview of the project and visit the finished site.
Darlene Chrissley had been let down by another webmaster and needed help fast!
Premium Site / Small Business
Jennifer Gee
Jennifer Gee needed to promote herself as a voice and screen actress
Basic Site / Performing Artist
Trey Anthony
Trey Anthony wanted a site to promote her budding public speaking career.
Premium Site / Public Speaker
Scott MacKay
Scott MacKay needed a simple online calling card - the Wex Sites Basic site was exactly what he was looking for.
Basic Site / Performing Artist
Michelle Shaughnessy
Michelle Shaughnessy had always wanted, but never had, her own website. When she saw Wex Sites' new "Basic" service she knew it was time!
Basic Site / Performing Artist
Sylvain Arsenault
Sylvain Arsenault needed more than an iMDB listing - he needed a fully-fledged website to showcase his work.
Online Calling Card / Premium Site
Jane Lenoir
Jane Lenoir had put off updating her website because it seemed like a lot of work. WordPress and Wex Sites made it easy!
Performing Artist / Premium Site
Beyond the Barricade
With a tour of Beyond the Barricade on the horizon Andy Reiss needed a brand new website fast!
Performing Artist / Premium Site
Brightway Hypnotherapy
Paul Monaghan is a hypnotherapist in the UK. He needed a new website to help grow his practice and explain to potential clients exactly what he can do for them.
Premium Site / Small Business
FL Parfums
Fabio Luisi is most well known as a conductor and musician. Until now only his closest friends knew of his other passion - creating hand-crafted perfumes.
Online Store / Passionate Hobbyist
Half Price Teen Tours
This is Sruli and Lisa's third website with Wex Sites! After Hoot 'n' Annie and the Clubhouse Camp here comes Half Price Teen Tours.
Premium Site / Small Business
Coaching Connextions
Colleen Rooney needed a website for an existing business that was going through a rebranding exercise.
Premium Site / Small Business
Pristine Gourmet
An organic farmer in the Niagara Region needed a classy site to match his delicious products.
Premium Site / Small Business
Narayever Synagogue
The Narayever synagogue needed a modern-looking website they could update easily.
Community Website / Premium Site
Crucible Bookii
Melanie Parish wanted to create an ever-evolving book online that was accessible by paid subscription.
Membership Website / Writer
Seán Cullen
A renowned and super-talented comedian wanted a website that truly reflected his work and personality.
Performing Artist / Premium Site
Grasse Roots
Claire Lautier wanted to expand her reach and her client list so Wex Sites helped her to build an online store to sell her natural perfumes.
Online Store
Awaken Aroma Jewelry
Owners Claire and Brenda turned to Wex Sites to create a beautiful online store for their unique mixture of jewelry and perfume.
Online Store
Library Volunteer Group
The Oro Valley Public Library needed a site to attract new volunteers and let visitors know about special events.
Community Website / Premium Site
Yarn Stash Bears
The Yarn Stash Bears are tiny handmade, fully-jointed, knitted bears. They needed an online store.
Online Store / Passionate Hobbyist
Annie Bradley
Annie Bradley needed a website to showcase her writing and directing work.
Premium Site / Visual Artist
Leonid Rozenberg
Len was very specific about how he wanted his website to look - he had his fonts and colours all picked out.
Premium Site / Visual Artist
Construction management firm Projectcore needed a revamped site in time for a press release - the timing was crucial.
Premium Site / Small Business
Pawsome Pet Photography
Trish Aleve wanted to advertise her small business online. Wex Sites found her the perfect template to show off her work.
Premium Site / Small Business / Visual Artist
Karen McKnight
Karen McKnight had had an executive coaching practice for 10 years - it was high time to create a website.
Premium Site / Small Business
Darlene Chrissley
Darlene Chrissley had four online presences that she needed to bring together in one place.
Premium Site / Small Business
Susan Leviton
Susan Leviton wanted a website to promote her Yiddish arts business, showcasing her work and helping her find new clients.
Online Store / Visual Artist
PURE Personality Types
The PURE System of personality testing is a small business which needed an online storefront. Wex Sites provided a stylish and elegant solution.
Membership Site / Small Business
Mandy Ketcheson
Mandy Ketcheson needed to update her online presence and used her new Wex Sites website as the starting point for rebranding.
Premium Site / Small Business
Lauren Ferraro
Lauren Ferraro wanted to promote her business Your Voice and You with a website that captured the essence of her work.
Premium Site / Small Business
Veronika Swartz
Veronika Swartz is a burlesque dancer and stand-up comedian who needed an eye-catching, social media-friendly website.
Performing Artist / Premium Site
Barbara Wade Rose
Barbara Wade Rose needed a professional web presence that she could update herself.
Premium Site / Writer
Creative Expeditions
Inge Christensen of Creative Expeditions already had a website - now she needed an add-on blog.
Premium Site / Small Business
Marilla update # 2
Here's another episode in the on-going saga: Marilla Wex changes up her website.
Performing Artist
Victoria Stewart
Victoria Stewart needed to convert her old, clunky Blogger account into a "proper, grown-up website".
Performing Artist
Jeff Cottrill
Jeff Cottrill needed a place to showcase all of his previous and upcoming spoken word performances and writing.
Performing Artist / Writer
Joanne Borts
Joanne Borts needed a website that would present all of the things she can do without overwhelming the visitor.
Performing Artist
David Schneider – 2nd website
David Schneider needed a second website to advertise his performance coaching business.
Small Business
Hoot ‘n Annie
Musical duo Hoot 'n Annie needed a professional-looking website that they could update themselves.
Performing Artist
Family History Blog
Bob Woolner could trace his family tree back to Medieval England. He wanted a website to share his knowledge.
Passionate Hobbyist
David Schneider
David Schneider had a huge Twitter following but no website. Wex Sites fixed that for him.
Performing Artist
The Seahorse Shop
I really, really love seahorses. So I built a website all about them.
Passionate Hobbyist
Michael Wex update #1
With a New York Times bestseller on his hands Michael Wex needed a website overhaul stat.
I couldn't find a website with a good amount of information on Chihuhuahuas. So I built one.
Passionate Hobbyist
Marilla update #1
This was one of the first sites I ever transferred over to WordPress - my performance website.
Performing Artist