Pristine Gourmet

The Pristine Gourmet website wasn’t really helping project the image owner Jason Persall was after.

Pristine Gourmet before Wex Sites

Pristine Gourmet before Wex Sites

It was busy and confusing and it wasn’t obvious where the visitor should look or click.

Enter Wex Sites and Kathryn Ashby from kja kreations. Together we came up with a design that really works artistically and functionally to help guide visitors to the information they’re looking for: about the products, about the company, recipe ideas and videos on how the products are made and used.

pristine gourmet virgin oil slider

A slider on the virgin oil page

Using the fantastic Elegant Page Builder plugin from Elegant Themes we were able to put together dynamic page content with sliders, tabs and more.

Kathryn edited the Pristine Gourmet images so that the look and feel of the site was consistent throughout.

We used the blogging functionality of the website to showcase the Pristine Food Angels’ recipes made using Pristine Gourmet products and I created a portfolio for Jason’s fantastic videos from his Gourmet Farmer series.

Pristine Gourmet Food Angels

The Pristine Angels™

We made specific choices about where we wanted the sidebar with the Twitter feed etc. to appear (on the blogging/portfolio pages) and kept the product pages clean and uncluttered.

The Pristine Gourmet Farmer Videos

The Pristine Gourmet Farmer Videos

We were all thrilled with the way the site turned out and the feedback from old and new customers has been terrific. Thanks so much to Kathryn Ashby for her great collaboration on this project. We hope to be working together again soon!

Pristine Gourmet after Wex Sites

Pristine Gourmet after Wex Sites

Marilla Wex is the founder and owner of Wex Sites.