Scott MacKay

Scott MacKay had tried building his own website. But he didn’t get very far with it.

Scott MacKay before Wex Sites

Before Wex Sites

Before I started work I was able to take the screengrab of what he’d already done and used that image in Photoshop as a colour palette for Scott’s new website. I cherry-picked the tones so that his new site would match his overall branding.

Scott MacKay Music

After Wex Sites

Unlike his clunky old site, the new website is fully responsive, which means the Elegant Themes template adapts to whatever screen it’s being viewed on. As with all of my sites I check how each template looks on a tablet, laptop, desktop computer and on two different Android cellphones as well as iPhone to make sure that nothing looks weird in a different platform. I also check different browsers like Chrome, Safari and Firefox. Nobody’s still using Internet Explorer, right?

Scott MacKay Music by Wex Sites

Scott MacKay on a Samsung Note 4

The website has everything Scott needs. It’s simple, but why complicate matters with extraneous information that adds nothing? The visitor can quickly find out who Scott is and what he does. And because it’s WordPress he’s able to edit it easily himself.

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