The Seahorse Shop

The seahorse – elusive, threatened and endlessly fascinating to the enthusiast.

My husband and I have always loved them. Our dream one day is to own a seahorse aquarium. As I read and learned more about seahorses it seemed only natural for me to build a website about them.

The Seahorse Shop is a pure labour of love – I add content about seahorse keeping, seahorses in the wild, seahorse arts and crafts – anything and everything to do with seahorses.

The Seahorse Shop

I chose the LightSource theme from Elegant Themes in blue. It has nice deep blue and green accents and seemed perfect for the subject matter.

I enjoy the Lifestream plugin that comes as a feature with this template – I’m always finding seahorse-related arts and crafts online which I might not want to write an entire blog post on, but with my seahorseshop Twitter account I can simply tweet about my finds and they pop up in Lifestream.

If you’d like to build a hobby website then please contact me for details.

Marilla Wex is the founder and owner of Wex Sites.