Small Online Business

Great looks are important when your online presence is your only shopfront.

The PURE System of Personality Typing is a program I developed following ten years of experience in the corporate training world. Three years ago I recorded a comprehensive set of training CDs and along with a 100-page workbook I had a pretty nice product. It was designed to appeal to small business owners who can’t afford thousands of dollars for a training company to come in and overhaul their business communications.

At that time I was heavily involved in local business groups and sales were good. Then my circumstances changed as my acting work really took off and the PURE System took a back seat.

A couple of weeks ago a woman who had seen one of my presentations got in touch with me requesting a copy of the system. I suddenly realized I had a potential goldmine on my hands and couldn’t believe I hadn’t built a proper website to promote something I’d put so much work into. After all, it only cost me the price of a domain name from GoDaddy – my business package hosting from Hostgator allows me unlimited domains hosted on one account (and also unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk space) – what was I waiting for?

I got really excited when I took a fresh look at the latest templates from Elegant Themes – Nick’s newest offering (at the time of writing) was absolutely perfect!

The MyProduct theme is designed for businesses looking to showcase their products and services. It has a great feature where you can upload pictures of your products that visitors can scroll through using a series of buttons. You can describe your product features in the tabbed area under the header and outline your services in the four sections below the tabbed section.

A blog is easy to add and I will be doing this in the near future with hints and tips on using the PURE System in domestic and business situations. Looking further ahead, when I have sold all of my physical products, I will be uploading the audio files and offering the system as a subscription service with password-protected areas accessible only by those whose subscriptions are current.

I’m excited to have revived a business model I’d put on the back burner. It only took me a few days to build the site using all of the material that I’d written a few years ago and it only cost me ten bucks to buy the domain name. Elegant Themes had the perfect look and feel for my site and I’m thrilled with how it turned out. What small business idea do you have that could be revived by a gorgeous-looking website?

Update (November 2012) – I’ve taken the website down since Wex Sites has become my main business. However, the PURE System is still available at the fire sale price of just $30 + shipping (it originally sold for $250!). Contact me for more details.

Marilla Wex is the founder and owner of Wex Sites.