Susan Leviton

Susan Leviton is a self-confessed technophobe who nonetheless needed to have a website to promote her Yiddish arts business.

She liked the idea of being to update the site herself, but was nervous about whether she had the chops to do it. To alleviate her worries we set up a conference call with her husband so that we could talk through what it would take to maintain one of my websites. By the end of the conversation everyone was happy to go ahead.

It was important for Susan to choose a template that would showcase her work. The main reason for her to have a web presence in the first place was to sell her services as a visual artist, and especially as a Jewish wedding contract (or ketubah) designer. After carefully looking through the Elegant Themes online gallery she chose the Envisioned theme.

The large featured slider at the top and the thumbnail gallery at the bottom of the home page  were perfect to display her intricate calligraphy and vivid artwork.

Audio clips mean visitors can listen to Susan sing

Susan’s website also needed to promote her unique a cappella singing in Yiddish. I installed the Audio Player plugin so that she could add clips from her CDs that she also sells through the website.

Susan has already received commissions via the site and is very pleased that she took the technical plunge. In her own words:

I couldn’t imagine having come this far, affordably and happily, with anyone else as the person at the helm. RUN, don’t walk to Marilla Wex!

Susan Leviton Arts by Wex Sites

Marilla Wex is the founder and owner of Wex Sites.