Veronika Swartz

Veronika Swartz is a beautiful, multi-talented and hilarious performer. She also has an excellent understanding of marketing and realized that she needed an online presence.

We have worked together on the Toronto comedy scene and when she found out I built websites she took me out for lunch to discuss her requirements. I asked her to take a look at Elegant Themes and she immediately chose the template TheStyle:

Close – but no cigar…

Veronika loved the magazine-style layout. The emphasis on visuals really appealed to her, but she wasn’t too fond of the colour schemes available. Luckily for both of us the Elegant Themes templates can be easily customized to suit the individual.

I began by changing the colours of the links and blog post categories. Compare the type, headlines and category elements above to the image on the left. Veronika was very clear that she wanted hot pink elements so I chose a colour and changed the coding in the theme to match links and the main font to that colour.

I also created an image file to replace the one in the theme that sits behind the blog category (the pink rectangle behind “Sorry Dad” in the picture on the left) so that it would match the theme colours and I built a logo using a cartoon of Veronika’s burlesque character Priscilla Pussycat.

Veronika is very aware of the power of social networking and asked me to add three icons to her header next to her logo – for Facebook, Twitter and her RSS feed. I created pink icons to match her site’s colour scheme and linked them to her fan page, Twitter account and RSS feed accordingly. We also used the Facebook “Like” plugin which includes a “like” or “recommend” button on each of the blog posts – an invaluable viral marketing tool for any website.

Veronika Swartz’s website – a thing of beauty

Veronika’s website is eye-catching and suits her personality perfectly. It was a pleasure building it with her and I’m very proud of the results.

Marilla Wex is the founder and owner of Wex Sites.