Victoria Stewart

Victoria Stewart is a green single parent and naked baker.

Normally when consulting with a new client with quite different interests that they want to showcase on a website I advise them to break the topics up into two or perhaps three sites, but Victoria’s blogging voice is so strong and the subjects of her blog so integrated that in this case I decided that we should keep everything together.

When she asked me to build a website for her she already had a blog but wanted something a little more sophisticated and better-looking. Here’s what her old blog looked like:

WordPress has an excellent feature allowing you to import a blog from somewhere else so Victoria’s is the first website I’ve built where the bulk of the content was already created – all I had to do was ask WordPress to grab it from Blogger. It took about twenty minutes to populate Victoria’s new site with all of her blog posts. More time-consuming was optimizing all of Victoria’s pictures to look their best in the new website using the thumbnail feature of the Glow theme from Elegant Themes.

I built a montage of images using Photoshop to add to the header and showcase the different themes of Victoria’s site:

and made the image translucent so that the stars from the original Glow theme header would still shine through. I think the Glow theme in green is a great choice for this site and I enjoyed matching up the Twitter widget to complement the gorgeous colour. Compare Victoria’s website to Hoot ‘n Annie’s who have the same theme but in red.

I’m really pleased with how the website turned out – it’s visually very striking and fits Victoria’s personality and subject matter extremely well. If you’re a single parent, cooking enthusiast or environmentalist why not sign up for her blog updates by email? Simply go to Victoria’s website and enter your email address into the Feedburner widget in the sidebar.

Edit (November 2012) – since creating the site Victoria has decided to change the focus of her site to concentrate on her comedy and has switched to the blue version of this theme.

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