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Darlene Chrissley needed help with her Lifescapers site – stat! She had tried working with another webmaster but found the entire experience frustrating. When Darlene contacted me, her first question was whether I was familiar with the Divi theme. Of course I said yes – it’s my favourite! I had worked with Darlene four years

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Jennifer Gee

Jennifer Gee is a self-confessed technophobe. But she needed a website. Jennifer knows how important it is as an actress to have an online presence. Because casting directors need to be able find her easily. But it’s not only casting directors! Jennifer’s voice agent recently told her that it’s becoming more common for talent to be found using a

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Scott MacKay

Scott MacKay had tried building his own website. But he didn’t get very far with it. Before I started work I was able to take the screengrab of what he’d already done and used that image in Photoshop as a colour palette for Scott’s new website. I cherry-picked the tones so that his new site would match

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Michelle Shaughnessy

Michelle Shaughnessy needed a website. But as a young comedian she didn’t have a lot of money. Enter Wex Sites! Our new Basic one-pager was the right product at the right price-point for Michelle. She’d been stuck in the “trying to get a job but having auditions that didn’t turn into gigs in the day and shows

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Jane Lenoir

Jane Lenoir’s website was 10 years old and looked it. She really wanted something elegant and sophisticated-looking but also easy to update. Enter Wex Sites, Elegant Themes and WordPress!


Beyond the Barricade

Andy Reiss’ show Beyond the Barricade was about to go on tour again and he needed a new website fast! He’d seen Seán Cullen’s site and really liked the scrolling home page. But we wanted a more flexible template so I showed Andy the Mana theme on ThemeForest. It has a great menu system with large buttons and

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Brightway Hypnotherapy

Paul Monaghan’s Brightway Hypnotherapy business was starting to grow and he needed to revamp his website. His was a familiar story – he’d built his site in Dreamweaver and because, in his own words, it was a pain to update, he never bothered. He knew he needed to refresh his website presence and liked what

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FL Parfums

Fabio Luisi’s website was doing nothing for him or his line of hand-crafted perfumes. It was clunky and, quite frankly, a little ugly. The exact opposite of the whole ethos behind Fabio’s perfumes. Fabio got in touch with me because he saw the Grasse Roots website and of all the perfume websites he looked at

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Halloween special offer!

There’s never been a Wex Sites Special Offer like it… Until midnight on October 31st* Wex Sites is providing huge savings on all website services**:  $100 off a Basic Website $150 off a Premium Website $200 off an Online Store $250 off a Membership Website If you have been procrastinating about setting up your online platform

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Pristine Gourmet

The Pristine Gourmet website wasn’t really helping project the image owner Jason Persall was after. It was busy and confusing and it wasn’t obvious where the visitor should look or click. Enter Wex Sites and Kathryn Ashby from kja kreations. Together we came up with a design that really works artistically and functionally to help guide

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Seán Cullen

Seán Cullen‘s website was looking a little on the dated side.  It was extremely busy, it was hard to know where to look and it just didn’t really say…..Seán. Not so cute. Seán’s agent, Morgan Flood, asked if I could help. I sent Morgan off in search of a template and the one he came

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Library Volunteer Group

Friends of the Oro Valley Public Library needed a site to promote the value of the library and encourage its use. When Jennifer Wiggin, the Vice President, first contacted me she explained that she needed: a cool layout that’s easy for people to see upcoming special events Luckily with Elegant Themes finding a cool layout

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Leonid Rozenberg

Leonid Rozenberg is a busy man. With two small children to take care of as well as his business it took him a while to get around to thinking about redoing his website. Having originally been determined as a Platinum client to put the content of his site together himself it was a couple of

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Peter Kofman needed a website fast. He had a very important press conference in a week’s time and his Projectcore website badly needed an upgrade. In our initial meeting Peter explained that he needed a fresh, clean look that would showcase the firm’s new project – overseeing the proposed development by David Mirvish and Frank

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Karen McKnight

Karen McKnight had had an executive coaching practice for 10 years – it was high time to create a website. She was clear about one thing – she didn’t want any pictures of business people in suits running through fields. The tricky part was clarifying what she did want. Karen needed a simple, elegant site that

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Darlene Chrissley

Darlene Chrissley is a writer, speaker, producer, performer and master certified coach. I met Darlene when we both took part in one of Tracey Erin Smith‘s excellent one-person show courses and a couple of months later she saw my presentation on my website service during a workshop on promoting yourself as a performing artist. Darlene wanted to streamline

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How comedians can use social media to build a following

I just read a really interesting article on Huffington Post about how comedians are using Twitter to build a following. When clients ask me “Should I be on Twitter?” I tell them “It depends if you’re going to use it. Then it depends how you’re going to use it” You can’t build a Twitter following

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An elegant “under construction” solution

I am currently working on a website for journalist David Sax, who wrote the great book Save the Deli. David is taking his time creating the exact look and feel for his new website. In the meantime he wanted to have an “under construction” sign that didn’t look, well, lame. Luckily those clever chaps at

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Drive targeted traffic to your website

If the terms “social marketing”, “web 2.0” and “linkbait” are all things you think you should probably know about, but don’t, then this free ebook is for you. With it you can learn how to drive targeted traffic to your website. I first came across the Authority Black Book last year and tore through it. I’ll be

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Webmaster? No thank you!

One of the reasons I started this business was to save people from the tyranny of webmasters. Don’t get me wrong – I understand how useful they can be for big businesses – they can afford a whole IT department! I just don’t think that a small business or a one-man-band should have to rely

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Susan Leviton

Susan Leviton is a self-confessed technophobe who nonetheless needed to have a website to promote her Yiddish arts business. She liked the idea of being to update the site herself, but was nervous about whether she had the chops to do it. To alleviate her worries we set up a conference call with her husband

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Small Online Business

Great looks are important when your online presence is your only shopfront. The PURE System of Personality Typing is a program I developed following ten years of experience in the corporate training world. Three years ago I recorded a comprehensive set of training CDs and along with a 100-page workbook I had a pretty nice

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Mandy Ketcheson

Mandy Ketcheson is a psychotherapist who specializes in dealing with creative artists and performers. I was recommended to her by Steven Shehori of Sweat Equity Productions, a PR specialist who was helping Mandy launch her website in the entertainment community in Toronto. I met Steven and his brother Daniel when I took their famous seminar in

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Lauren Ferraro

Lauren Ferraro is a voice and speech practitioner who needed a stylish, yet simple web presence to launch her business. When Lauren completed the questionnaire I ask all my clients to fill in to give me details of what they’re after, she told me she was looking for a window to her profession for the

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Veronika Swartz

Veronika Swartz is a beautiful, multi-talented and hilarious performer. She also has an excellent understanding of marketing and realized that she needed an online presence. We have worked together on the Toronto comedy scene and when she found out I built websites she took me out for lunch to discuss her requirements. I asked her

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Barbara Wade Rose

Barbara Wade Rose is a prolific writer, painter and journalist. She had a simple website but wanted something a little more stylish and easy to update herself. Barbara’s husband had built her original website for her and although it was functional it simply wasn’t fabulous enough – it didn’t have a blog and Barbara had no

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Creative Expeditions

Inge Christensen is an expert trainer in innovation, collaboration and communication within the corporate environment. When she came to me she already had a website for her company, Creative Expeditions, but wanted to add a blog where she could provide both a great resource for her existing clients and attract new clients by showcasing her

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Marilla update # 2

I’ve been and gone and done it again. I changed up Marilla Last night I was in a bad mood (I was filming a commercial all day Monday and so yesterday I had post-performance blues) and instead of eating my own body-weight in Cheetos I decided to do something practical – revamp my personal

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Victoria Stewart

Victoria Stewart is a green single parent and naked baker. Normally when consulting with a new client with quite different interests that they want to showcase on a website I advise them to break the topics up into two or perhaps three sites, but Victoria’s blogging voice is so strong and the subjects of her

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Jeff Cottrill

Jeff Cottrill is a satirical writer, journalist, poet and storyteller. A familiar face on the Toronto performance scene, Jeff has many strings to his bow and a few places of his own on the internet already. But what he really needed was a grown-up site that showcased his performance life. Jeff took a look at

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Joanne Borts

Joanne Borts is a New York musical theatre actress, singer, teacher and passionate entertainment union activist. Joanne came to me in the middle of her tour of “Fiddler on the Roof” when the show came to Toronto. In just two days we built her website from top to bottom. She liked the hand-drawn look of

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David Schneider – 2nd website

David Schneider already had his personal site built by me – now he wanted a business site for him and his partner Sandy. Dave’s original site,, celebrates David’s work as an actor, writer and comedian and is very blog-driven. With a huge Twitter following (of nearly 25,000 at the time of writing) it’s important

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Hoot ‘n Annie

Sruli and Lisa – two very talented Americana music experts. When they approached me Sruli and Lisa already had a domain name ( and a rudimentary website (see below), but were frustrated at not being able to update their site themselves. Every change came with a price tag and a lengthy wait (if you haven’t

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Family History Blog

Bob Woolner’s family tree can be traced back to the Middle Ages. He contacted me via his son-in-law and said that he had been thinking of having a website built for a long time, but had no idea how to go about it. When I asked him what he wanted the site to be about

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David Schneider

David Schneider had a huge Twitter following but no website. A familiar face on British TV, he is also a friend. I was excited when he contacted me through Facebook – how lovely to build a website for a mate whose work I really like! It was an interesting challenge working with a client who’s

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The Seahorse Shop

The seahorse – elusive, threatened and endlessly fascinating to the enthusiast. My husband and I have always loved them. Our dream one day is to own a seahorse aquarium. As I read and learned more about seahorses it seemed only natural for me to build a website about them. The Seahorse Shop is a pure

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Michael Wex update #1

When Michael Wex’s first book hit the New York Times best-seller list he needed a web presence fast. I thought it would be interesting for you to see “before and after” pictures of websites I’ve built to give you an idea of what I might be able to do for you. The first case study

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Farfl the Wonderdog is a 3.5lb Chihuahua. Her breed-specific website has a wealth of information for Chihuahua owners. Even before I brought Farfl home I built a website for her. When I was doing my research I couldn’t really find much online that wasn’t just a spammy site filled with the same badly-written articles as

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Marilla update #1

Okay, I admit it. I can’t leave Marilla alone. Here’s the second in the series of “before and after” pictures of websites I’ve built to give you an idea of what I might be able to do for you. This case study features my own website which I use to promote myself as an

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